Tokyo Nightlife For Solo Women Travellers

The nightlife in Tokyo is amazing but be warned, you will be out late.. every single night.

I love going on holidays solo but it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to make new contacts, friends etc. The best bit of advice I can give you for any destination, is to hunt down the nearest karaoke bar and go for it. Literally type into Google, ‘karaoke near me’. My go to song is ‘I have nothing’ by Whitney Houston. And give it my all, and I channel Whitney herself. I cannot sing at all, but that doesn’t stop me. I make the crowds go wild.

Back to Tokyo, the best bar life is the Golden Gai area. This is back to back mini bars. Some streets have 2-3 floors of bars. In most bars, there is a ‘tourist fee’ of around £7.50. I know it’s kinda a pain to pay a fee but it’s worth it because the area is cool. They charge you so that you can’t go mad on a bar hop, can’t blame them really. You usually get some kind of free food after two drinks. It’s usually peanuts, crackers, soup, or meat. Now the meat is tasty however once you have seen where it came from, it will turn your stomach. I simply say that I’m vegetarian so cannot eat the meat.

In the Golden Gai bars, you will make friends instantly. Each bar is so tiny, that it’s kinda a intimate setting.

My Japanese Crew #dontfuckwithus

As you can imagine, karaoke is big business in Japan. My fave place to sing karaoke is a bar in Golden Gai called Champions Bar. Cheap drinks with karaoke until approx 3am. The locals say that ‘all the wankers go to Champions bar’ but that’s not true, because I love it there and I’m not a wanker. A lot of tourists go to this bar rather than locals. It is a fun place to be. You’ll find new best friends every single night. This bar has a standard ‘western’ toilet.

Once you’ve had a drink and started to relax, you’ll make friends with all! Defo try Japanese plum wine. It’s simply the best.

One thing to be wary of is the toilet situation. Most bars but not all have standard (western) toilets. The toilets can sometimes be a little dirty so take care & bring mini hand sanitizer. Don’t let this put you off though, it’s frigging Japan. The greatest place on Earth.

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