Japan: Tokyo 2019 Trip Booked 🥳 💁‍♀️

I have finally booked my Tokyo trip… I am buzzing!! This will be my 4th holiday to Japan and I am going for 9 days. I had been using the booking website Momondo to track prices. I like this website as it gives you advice on when it is good to buy. To be honest tho, I’m not sure if its advice is based on the really long stopovers. I ended up using the Travel Up website as they seemed to be decent prices. Don’t forget to get your travel insurance.

Travel Up

I normally spend around £500 on October return flights, and this includes short stopovers, approx 20hrs each way. And I’m picky with where to stopover. I consider, whether I have visited the stopover country (I like to purchase tacky fridge magnets) , the duration to the stopover country (cannot justify flying for a couple of hours, and then a stopover), and also if the stopover country has an internal smoking area. These are key for me. Do your research people!

For my November 2019 trip, I treated myself to direct flights. The outbound journey is approx 11.5 hours and inbound is 12.5. I’m dreading the jet lag already… but it’s totally worth it, and I’ll take the Japanese magic hangover/jet lag pills. Anywho, it cost me approx £840! I know what you’re thinking, ouch! But carry on reading to see why it’s a bargain. My flights are with BA and Japan Airlines. I haven’t used BA for long haul flights, but I expect it to be fine. The October flights seemed to be more expensive than usual.

As I mentioned in previous posts, Airbnb apartments in Tokyo are few and far between however this seems to have improved. Last year I spent 1k on a hotel for my 9 days. It was a nice hotel, tiny, no kettle but perfect location. Today I booked my own apartment, in Shinjuku for £643, which is a lot cheaper than going via a hotel. And I had a coupon from last years cancellation (because of the new Japanese licence law), and so I ended up paying £120. For the hotel and return flights, I have paid under 1k, and last year I had paid £1,500!! Bloody bargain 🥳

When I choose my apartment, I filtered my requirements to include a bed (some places offer a bloody mattress only), kettle etc and location. I wanted to be based in Shinjuku (happy place), by the Golden Gai area. The Golden Gai area is the red light district of Tokyo, but not as we know it. It’s a cool bar area, but don’t worry, you will not walking into brothels etc. As a solo woman traveler, I have never (touch wood) experienced any issues and it’s safe. You’ll love it!! Think tiny cool bars, lots of booze and karaoke. You’ll see drunks, but they will be happy drunks because it is a happy place.

Ze Golden Gai

I can honestly say that I am a happier person to the core because of this booking. Japan is the place to be.

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