My Japan Trips As A Solo Woman

I have been on holiday to Japan, for the last three years running. I intend to go every year 😊 I swear to god, these holidays are the only thing that pulls me through the year. It is my reason to work. I go to Japan by myself. To be clear, I am a blonde Essex woman and I go there by myself.

Loving Life

When I booked my first trip to Japan, I heard mixed reviews on how I would get on as a solo woman. Some people said that I would be very popular because of my blondehair, height etc and others said that ‘I would be fine’. A part of me expected to be hounded, when I arrived at Haneda airport…. I’m talking, being asked to have my photo taken, maybe asked for my autograph etc. Anywho, the no one gave a shit. I was not treated like a mini celebrity at all. The Japanese people do not treat westerners/blonde women like gods and you are left alone. To be honest, a part of me was kinda disappointed.


I had also been advised that Japan was safe because the country are very strict on laws etc. I didn’t realise how safe I would feel as a solo woman on holiday. Japanese people are very respectful and so just god damn lovely!! In bars, people would leave their belongings and return later with it still there… unfortunately back home in the UK, it would be gone! Probably within seconds. I love going to the Japanese local bars, where there are no tourists. It pains me to say this, but the only people you really need to look out for are other tourists. I know I’m one of them, but still!

Smoking is Bad

I was also advised that I would struggle in Japan because I don’t speak or understand Japanese. Again, this is BS. Many restaurants have English menus and many Japanese people speak English. And you naturally pick up some Japanese words when you are drinking in the bars, like cheers 🍻

When traveling by yourself, get as many pictures as you can. When I wanted a picture of myself, I tended to ask young women. I knew that they were likely to be pros at it. In my experience, the women take this seriously. I had occasions when the photographer would take loads of pictures of me at different angles and this was their idea!

My photographer took a good 5 pics to get this shot

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