My Face Sheet Mask Obsession

My face sheet mask obsession started on my first trip to Tokyo. Face masks are a big business in Japan, and rightly so. They offer many varieties, I’m talking walls of face masks. It is literally, a face mask heaven. I have included pictures of some of the lovelies I purchased recently.

I was starting to get face mask withdrawals, when I learnt that TKMAXX sells lots of masks, at great prices. So if you don’t fancy popping over to Japan, look online or TKMAXX. There are loads of companies online sell Japanese, Korean etc masks. Personally, I find them the best quality and variety.

Because I am obsessed with face masks, I naturally give them as presents to my loved ones. I call it, paying on the love. I will post separately my favourite masks so far. Please note the amazing silicon mask. This can be used in the bath alone to steam, or over a face mask to hold it in place. I purchased this from the Japanese shop Dasio, for like a pound! You can buy online too.

TKMAXX Goodies

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