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30 Something Beauty Addict is a Beauty Blog wrote by me, Kirsty. I have much love for all beauty products and Japan! Ok, ok, it’s not just a beauty blog, it’s also for my solo traveling tips with an emphasis on Japan. I truely love the place!

I go away on holidays a lot by myself and I bloody love it. You only live once! So to all of those women out there that have considered going solo, GO FOR IT! You will not regret it, but obviously be safe 😊 It’s me time and good for the soul when you travel solo.

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Kill Bill Vibes

Home Tweaking 🏡

I wanted a copper ceiling light to go with my beautiful copper kitchen tap from Francis Pegler but I couldn’t find a style in that shade that I liked. Instead I purchased this ceiling light from Pagazzi Lighting and spray painted it copper.

I had to prime the metal with a primer spray can. It took a few coats of the copper until I was happy and it’s included in my stories.

I’ve been giving my home a renovation with new flooring and I’m a very lucky gal because my dad has been putting it down for me.

The tv stand is also new and from Madedotcom

Loving the clean lines from my stairway recent refresh.

Paint used:

*Grey cabinet: Shade Gentlemen’s Club Trim.

*Black Banister: Shade Blackjack.

White walls: Brilliant White from Dulux

*From Frenchic Paint – see link in stories to these Chalk Paints. AD and commission earned.

I gave my chest of draws from Madedotcom a revamp by painting the draw pulls red. I primed the metal with a spray paint first and added three coats of the red paint I got from Amazon. The draw pulls are from HomeLuxCo

I still love the chest of draws but it’s worth noting that the top of the cabinet collects dust so bad!! It’s not as bad as a glass cabinet but still annoying.

Did someone say Whiskey 🥃

AD – Please welcome The Oxford Artisan Distillery

The Oxford Artisan Distillery is a UK brand that specializes in Spirits. It’s one of the few British ‘grain to grass’ distilleries.

It’s the city’s first ever distillery! They offer a range of spirits from gin to vodka and most recently, Rye Whisky.

Oxford Rye is a unique spirit, that is distilled from ancient heritage Rye. It’s described as liquid Rye as it’s a delicate and golden colored spirit.

This has a strong Rye flavour with definite sweet and caramel undertones. Especially smooth when served with ice or with a mixer. A very different taste to standard whisky and a good way to jump into Rye whisky.

Japanese Inspired Candles 🇯🇵

AD – Only Enso is a UK brand that specializes in Japanese inspired Home Fragrance. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know I adore anything related to Japan 🇯🇵

Each candle comes in a cute canvas bag, which would make it a lovely gift.

Although I have been gifted this beautiful candle, I have purchased three already 😊 They have a variety of candles, which includes cute Lotus and Moon candles.

This candle is called Onsen, with fragrance Lavender, Rock Salt and Driftwood – it smells divine. In Japan, Onsens are the country’s hot springs and the bathing facilities and traditional inns, around them.

This is also my #tokyotuesday pick 🇯🇵

Thank you Only Enso for gifting me this wonderful candle ♥️

Ochre Style

AD – I’ve been lucky enough to receive more beautiful wallpaper from Your 4 Walls

Recap on brand:

This wallpaper is from UK brand Your 4 Walls, which offers a huge variety of beautiful wallpapers. The designs of wallpaper include Brick, Concrete, Florals, Palms trees, Feathers and many more. They also offer cushions, bedding, chairs and more.

The wallpaper shown is ‘Floral Blaze’ in Ochre Yellow. The quality of the wallpaper is beautiful. It’s nice and thick. My mum liked working with it as she put up the wallpaper.

I picked this wallpaper as I’m obsessed with Ochre and I get Japanese vibes from it 😊

Revamping my home 🏡

I’ve been doing some DIY at home 🎨

AD Grey paint from Frenchic Paint in shade Gentlemen’s Club Trim Paint. This took two coats of paint to cover. This is Chalk paint and so no primer or sanding is required, unless you have textured patchy previous paint on the furniture. This was a beautiful paint to work with and the brands paint brushes work so well – I thought all paint brushes were created equal but they are not. The brushes are really soft and so the paint glides well. See my DIY highlights for the link to the paint. Commission is earned.

Red spray paint from Wilko

AD Draw pulls from Plank Hardware and the model is the Klien knob in Aqua. See my DIY highlights for the link to the knob. This knob also comes in blue and pink.

Green Vibes

How stunning is this print from Emily Jane Taylor Print.

It’s currently shown in my home office but I may move it to my kitchen.

I love plants but I struggle to keep them alive. This bad boy is indestructible 🙌

Featuring my bracelet from Belle Blue Bracelets my sisters affordable brand. She has recently expanded to ankle bracelets – go check her out.

Haircare from Philip Kingsley. You can get a Philip Kingsley discount across full price items by using code BEAUTYADDICT15.
AD and Commission earned on the code.

Small Brand: Claymore Candles

AD – Claymore Candle Co is a U.K. brand that specialises in Luxury organic candles. They offer a variety of difference fragrances and styles.

Candles shown are

Pear and Freesia – I love the vibrant green as it’s so fun. It smells like a beautiful perfume.

Berry Burst – Again I love the colour of this candle. It smells lovely and reminds me of Berry bubblegum.

Both candles are highly fragrant and that’s how I like my candles to be. And the packaging of the candles is lovely.

Thank you Claymore Candle Co for kindly gifting me these ♥️

Film Love

Spotlight shining on some of my fave pieces of wall art 🖼

The Jessica Alba Sin City canvas came free with a film purchase in HMV – what a result.

Kill Bill is my all time fave movie and I purchased the films Press Release (film stills) photos via Ebay. Lucy Liu looks glorious throughout the film.